Galioto Sperlinga

Production of organic lemons in Sicily

The colors, the scents of the earth, the same as they used to be …

For five generations our company has preserved and cultivated the land to obtain unique products.

Our products

The certified organic production includes the Primofiore, Bianchetto and Verdello varieties, with harvesting periods that alternate throughout the months of the year

Organic Primofiore

The classic Sicilian winter lemon. Completely 100% organic. The Primofiore lemon is harvested from October to March. Bright yellow in color, with a lot of juice and precious essential oils. Strong and decisive taste. Elliptical shape and medium-large size.

Organic Bianchetto

The Sicilian spring lemon. 100% organic production. Bianchetto derives from the second flowering of the lemon. Harvested from April to June, it has a light yellow color and a round and flattened shape.

Organic Verdello

The Sicilian summer lemon, with its characteristic green skin! The “Verdello” is a typical Sicilian variety of lemons. So it is 100% made in Sicily and 100% organic. It is harvested from July to September. The fruits are very resistant and have an oval and elongated shape with a very fragrant peel. The fruit pulp is yellow, and less acidic than that of the “Primofiore”.


The Sperlinga estate represents the heart of our company. The estate has an ancient history, which dates back to the 15th century, when it was known as Feudo Sperlinga, a group of estates featured by the famous “Spatafora Tower” at its center.

In addition to the Sperlinga estate and the nearby Villa estate in the city of Bagheria, the company extends for a further 10 hectares in the territories of Sant’Agata di Militello with the San Giuseppe estate. One of the most beautiful places in Sicily, facing the sea of the Aeolian Islands.

We produce organic lemons in three estates in Sicily: “Tenuta Sperlinga” Estate, “Tenuta Villa” Estate and “Tenuta San Giuseppe” Estate.